Create a new Project

Project boards allow you organize cards within a grid. Each board is configurable in size and is given a unique, 4-character code to access it later or share with friends.

Suggested Usage

  1. Keeping track of plants in a hydroponic garden
  2. A super clunky way to share messages to friends
  3. People have made art out of weirder things...
  4. Maybe just stick to #1

Note: While in Early Access, all projects are free to create, and require no user-signup or collected information of any sort!

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Choose a Grid Size

This is the layout you'll place cards on... choose the appropriate dimensions to fit your project, container, majestic vision, or whatever.

Note: The upper limit is 30 x 30, but too many cards can be difficult for browsers to render, or just plain look ugly. Try to keep the grid size reasonable!

Here's how it would look...

Creating Project

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